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CITY HALL: (712) 663-4493

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Sales of the Depot Print

Sales of the depot print are going well. If you are interested, the committee would appreciate if you would make your purchase by December 1. We have already received a clock with the depot print on it for meeting our goal of selling 10 prints the first night we met with the artist. If we meet our sales goal in the next week, we will receive a 38 x 26 framed original print we can use as a raffle or auction item! That's a great boost to our fundraising for the 150th. Plus, everyone who orders a framed copy of the print before December 1 will receive a t-shirt imprinted with the depot print FREE! And, all prints ordered by December 1 will be guaranteed to be delivered to Westside the week of December 17 for Christmas gift-giving! You can place your order at The Observer office, with Deb Quandt at Westside State Bank, with Krista Koch at Verlin's, with Michell Simons at City Hall, or with Jary Quandt at FAC in Arcadia.

City of Westside Sesquicentennial 150 Years Anniversary 2019

Come Join Us!

August 23-25, 2019

To learn more about this event, check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WESTSIDE150/